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We are delighted to welcome a range of scholars whose timely cross-disciplinary work on the body has inspired us in organising this conference.

Speaking at the event will be:

Dr Katharina Boehm (Universitat Regensburg)

Katharina Boehm is Assistant Professor of English Literature at Regensburg University, Germany, and Volkswagen Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at the English Department of Rutgers University. Her first book, Charles Dickens and the Sciences of Childhood, is to be published in October. She is the editor of Bodies and Things in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture (2012) and co-editor of Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Aging in Nineteenth-Century Culture (2013). Her work has appeared in Victorian Review, Journal of Victorian Culture and Studies in the Novel.

Dr Kate Hill (University of Lincoln)

Kate Hill is Senior Lecture whose researchr revolves around museum history, as well as the history of collecting and Victorian urban and cultural history more generally. Her latest publication is Manufactures, archaeology and bygones: making a sense of place in civic museums, 1850-1914 (2013), and her work has appeared in International Journal of Regional and Local HistoryEuropean Cultural Studies and Museum History Journal.

Dr Tiffany Watt-Smith (QMUL)

Tiffany’s primary research interests lie in the intellectual and cultural history of emotions in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Her monograph On Flinching: Theatricality and Scientific Looking from Darwin to Shell-Shock is forthcoming, and her current research project, ‘The “Human Copying Machine’, explores the way our compulsion to imitate one another’s facial expressions, gestures, and postures emerged as an important site of scientific enquiry and cultural fascination in the late nineteenth century. She also has extensive experience as a professional theatre director.

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