The 2013 Conference


The Victorian Body Parts Conference is an interdisciplinary event for postgraduate and early career researchers, which was held on Saturday 14th September 2013 at Barts Pathology Museum, London.

It was supported by the British Association for Victorian Studies and the Birkbeck Centre for 19th Century Studies, and organised by Beatrice Bazell and Emma Curry, PhD researchers at Birkbeck.


Barts Pathology Museum
West Smithfield

3 thoughts on “The 2013 Conference

  1. […] London, on September 14. To book a place, use the Victorian Body Parts booking form. “The conference is being organised by Beatrice Bazell and Emma Curry, both in their 2nd year of PhD research at […]

  2. […] and were impressed upon in nineteenth-century culture, and provided part of the impetus for the Victorian Body Parts Conference, held on 14 September at Barts Pathology Museum. The conference was organised by […]

  3. […] is an interesting pot particularly in light of the Victorian Body Parts Conference to be held in the museum in September. In fact they even have their own interesting […]

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